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Support available to you

Apex Care aims to support you in your role and ensure that you have all the tools to do and complete your job effectively. 

Debriefs/ Line Supervision

The management/coordination team provide regular opportunities for you to have confidential debriefs. We will call and discuss with you how you are going and support reflection and learning.

Peer Supervision 

We run Peer supervision with our Clinical Nurse Manager. These will be held via zoom in groups of five. The idea is that you bring concerns e.g. what do I do if a young person escalates while I am driving?; or what do I do if I know someone is self-harming and they have locked themselves in the bathroom?; or whatever has been troubling you whilst on shift.   We will call you and put you into a group.

Annual Apprasials

We conduct annual appraisals with you on a yearly basis. These appraisals are an opportunity for us to thank you for your hard work and recognise your skills.

External EAP services

Apex Care provides access to an external organization that offers counselling and support. You can book counselling sessions confidentially and we will just receive an account for us to pay with no information on it, not even your name.  You can contact them  to make an appointment by visiting EAP Services or calling 0800 327 669.

24 Hour Phone Support

If you need urgent support it doesn’t matter what time of day you can call and speak to a coordinator, we are here to support you.

Non Urgent Concerns

If you have non urgent concerns that you would like to raise. You can do this by completing the online incident report  or by calling us on 0800 255 000 during office hours Mon – Fri 8.30 -5pm

We are here to support you, please contact us and we'll be there.

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