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New Zealand's musical heritage dates back to the arrival of the first Māori in Aotearoa. Musical traditions, in the form of waiata (songs) and haka (dance), were passed down from generation to generation and grew from their Polynesian roots

Image by Duskfall Crew
Image by Duskfall Crew

Ko Au ko au

Ko au, ko au ténei - This is me

Ko koe, ko koe ténä  - That is you

Ko ia, ko ia térä - That is her/him over there

Kei te mahi ngä mahi - All busy working



Töia mai te waka nei - Haul this canoe ashore

Kumea mai te waka nei - Drag this canoe ashore

Ki te takotoranga takoto ai - To its special resting place

Tiriti te mana motuhake - And the Treaty bestowing on us our absolute authority

Te tangi a te manu e - Heralded by the cry of the bird

Pïpïwharauroa - The shining cuckoo

Kui, kui, kui - Calling, calling

Whiti, whiti ora - For good to prevail

Hui e, täiki e - As we unite together as one

Image by Callum Parker
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