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Apex Care is committed to the ongoing training and up skilling of our team. We are offering both National Certificate training and ongoing education sessions. We really encourage your involvement in these for your own safety and upskilling.

Nat Cert Mental Health and Addictions Lvl 4

To gain accreditation for National Certificate in Mental Health and Addictions Level 4, or Health & Wellbeing levels, these are available as online courses.  Please contact and we'll work with you to sign-up for the courses.  They are currently free till December 2022 so make sure you're signed up and on the path to increasing your knowledge and skill base.  *They does need to be completed within 12 months. 

ICAMH's Training Course
Blueprint for Learning

Want to expand your knowledge more? 

Te Pou offers a range of e-learning courses to increase the skills and knowledge of people working in the mental health, addiction, and disability sectors.  Just create an account, follow the directions and you’ll be working through the Modules in no time. 

Recommended are the Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), Support Worker modules, Autism e-learning modules – there’s so much to choose from.  So, take the time and login to learn. 


E-learning is self-directed learning that ensures everyone receives consistent, high quality learning experiences.

It gives you the opportunity to complete relevant training online on a PC, laptop or tablet at your own pace and at a time that suits you.

E-learning can be engaging and informative, using a mix of short videos, narration, images, diagrams, and quizzes to increase your understanding. Modules can be completed in one sitting, or you can pause and return to a module – you control the pace.

These e-learning courses are all available at no charge.


Wharaurau is funded by the government to deliver workforce development initiatives for the Infant, Child & Adolescent Mental Health and/or Alcohol and Other Drugs (ICAMH/AOD) sector.

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