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Our Work and Team 

Our Work

We support both the public and private sector by providing oncall, short term and long-term staffing solutions as requested. We work with a diverse range of organisations and provide well matched staff to suit each situation.


We provide to:

➢ Wellness and Rehab Services
➢ Intellectual Disability Organisations
➢ Mental Health Sector
➢ Childcare and Youth Support Services


Resilence - Our staff often work in challenging situations and need to be resilient and understanding that 99% of the time the reactions they see are not about them. Our team are often exposed to self harm, aggression and other escalated behaviours.

Boundaries - Because we work with youth that have experienced some hard-to-process times keeping your relationship professional and therapeutic is essential. We are not there to be a friend, we are their to ensure safety, provide mentoring and a support.  

Desire to learn - We work in a field that is forever changing.  It is essential that our staff are willing to reflect on their practice and consider that a new approach might be needed and embrace this. This requires a willingness to reflect, listen and learn. 

  • Full Drivers Licence

  • Able to use App's on your phone for timesheets, notes and schedules

Job Description

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