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Seeking The Master Of Mo Pai Adventures With John Chang Latest




had a spirit transformation) are obvious. To Mr. McMillan Chang's spirit transformation school was not a spiritualistic school, Mr. McMillan's view is so fixed that he insists on calling John Chang a Christian: "McMillan sees this is a Christian only school" (pg. 141). But John Chang's teachings clearly include numerous spiritualistic and mystical experiences of his students. Mr. McMillan merely judges Chang's teachings from his own Christian point of view. However, it is very unlikely that Mr. McMillan was a familiar with Chang's many writings in those days, especially the later ones. Lectures on "The Soul of the Universe and Man" "The Soul of the Universe and Man" - A Lecture on Intuition and Knowledge (Mills and Boon, London, 1918, 1923). This book is a collection of long-forgotten lectures, given by John Chang on the human mind and the universe. The lectures are mainly based on John Chang's Intuition and Knowledge (Mills and Boon, London, 1919), with modifications to suit the needs of The Bridge (Mills and Boon, London, 1921), which is an encyclopedic guide on the various world cultures. Mr. McMillan has never met Chang personally, and knows little about his lectures. Instead of "intuition" and "knowledge" he wrote "will" and "wisdom" (pg. 86). The art and technique of meditation (Mills and Boon, London, 1923) A collection of articles published in the Bridge magazine in 1923. This book is not included in the Japanese English version of Chang's works. Mr. McMillan seems to be proud of this book. He called it "the book that is made from all the original manuscripts of Chang's " (pg. 14). But Chang's art of meditation and his method of receiving dreams and art of divination are as old as Vimuttimagga and Yogasutra of Buddhist Yogis, which are older than Laozi and Confucius. Chang's meditation methods are mainly derived from those of the Lotus Sutra. The Secret of the Psyche (Mills and Boon, London, 1930) A book which was never translated into English. Mr. McMillan claims that he is editing the original manuscript of Chang's




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Seeking The Master Of Mo Pai Adventures With John Chang Latest

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